Xelex Global Ltd & UA Antia (UK) Ltd

Enterprise Centre office tenants and Wythenshawe residents Xelex Global Ltd started their business in 2015. Now fully established their international sales include innovative chemical products and renewable technologies for heating and cooling, cleaning and energy reduction. Their research and development starts with the primary aim to reduce carbon emissions and create energy savings. The company has established a base in Mauritius the gateway to Africa, installing their energy reducing Solar Thermal Collector technology for air conditioning systems.

UA Antia (UK) Ltd commenced trading in April 2014 and as demand for services increased, the business sought office space and became tenants of the Enterprise Centre in 2017. The business provides consultancy services to the UK construction industry specifically in the areas of Geo-environmental Consultancy and Environmental Monitoring. The company also has a base in Ghana where it works on major infrastructure projects, one being connecting businesses with fibre.

Through networking opportunities at the Enterprise Centre these two businesses saw an opportunity to collaborate. UA Antia is currently rolling out broadband infrastructure to businesses in Ghana, and saw an opportunity to introduce energy saving technologies such as the ones Xelex provides in Mauritius to Ghana businesses. It therefore made sense to create a joint venture in Ghana.

Director of Xelex Global, Peter Lapczynsky explains: “We both have business contacts out in Africa. Without being based at the Enterprise Centre we wouldn’t have started chatting, and this business opportunity and partnership wouldn’t have happened.

Director of UA Antia, Umo Antia says: “Working with another local business on an international level has been incredible, we often laugh about it, how we are creating opportunities over 6,000 miles away from our little office in the back streets of Benchill.”

Xelex Global have since moved offices to Mauritius however visit www.uaantia.com to find out more